Mid-Point Reflection

Revised Essential Question:

How can school media personnel employ technology in the media center to facilitate student development of lifelong learning skills?

After discussing my original EQ (from August 21, 2013) with classmates, I narrowed the question a bit to the above. So far, LIS 635 has answered this question in two ways. First practically, and second theoretically.


from TechSmith’s page on Jing.

Practically speaking, I am learning a variety of new sites and apps that I can use in the media center to teach students and to encourage their learning. My favorite so far is Jing. I can use it to teach students to use various Web sites and other computer-related activities, such as using an online catalog. If the library had a website or blog accessible from outside the school, students could access tutorials from home if they needed help on, say, using Microsoft Word. Since Jing isn’t especially complicated, older students could probably also learn to use Jing, allowing them to “teach” their fellow students (such as having older students create a tutorial on using the online catalog). Playing with WordPress to create visually interesting and informative blog posts also lays the groundwork for creating a library blog.

my iPod Classic and dumphone, as of Sept. 30, 2013

my iPod Classic and dumphone, as of Sept. 30, 2013

On a less practical, more theoretical side, LIS 635 is encouraging me to step outside the box with technology. I’m not very technology-driven. New technology doesn’t scare me; it just doesn’t usually pique my interest. “New versions” of things (for instance, the iPad Touch) don’t make much of an impression of the version I have (in this case, the iPod Classic) fills the need. In consequence, I tend to be rather behind in my technology (I still like my dumbphone, for instance). Learning about a variety of unusual, non-phone sites and apps has piqued my interest in learning more about using them and finding others that work in other ways, partly out of curiosity and partly because my ideas on technology’s uses in the library are expanding.

So I suppose one of the ways school media personnel can employ technology in the media center to facilitate student development of lifelong learning skills is to demonstrate said lifelong learning skills by continuing to learn new technology.

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One thought on “Mid-Point Reflection

  1. Suzy Collins

    I am also excited about making screencasts. I am struggling to find new ways to connect to students and providing more access to library services. My principal does not think that “flipping the class” or providing instruction through video before the class meets is practical for our students because he does not feel that students have adequate access to computers outside school, but I think that most everyone in our school’s population uses mobile devices for Internet access. I think instruction is certainly headed in this direction.

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