Instruction Objectives Draft

My overall goal is to enable undergraduate student researchers to use WorldCat as a research tool.

My objectives are:

  1. Given a specific book, students can locate the subject headings and locate the nearest available copy (digital or physical).
  2. Having located a subject heading in objective 1, students can use the subject heading to locate at least 5 more resources with that subject heading with at least 1 book and at least 1 journal article.

I’m thinking this would be a tutorial video, followed by a class session working through the process, with an independent worksheet to apply. What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Instruction Objectives Draft

  1. Suzy Collins

    I like the tutorial video idea! I have used this tool recently and although I limited the instruction to 5 minutes, many teachers did not watch the video! So I think it is wise to follow up with a class session. Have you decided what standards this lesson will satisfy?

    • I’m still working on that, but since I decided my audience was a freshman college class learning to research, I’m thinking ACRL’s Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction. Several individual pieces relate to using WorldCat, especially Standard 1, Indicator 3; Standard 2, Indicator 1; and Standard 2, Indicator 2. Are you familiar with the ACRL Objectives? Or do you know of any other standards you think would apply?

  2. TrinaAbounds

    Good idea of “calling out the audience” – freshman college class. I also like the multiple pieces – video, then in class, coupled with the worksheet. It affords many opportunities for assessment. Would you want the students to be able to tie it to an actual research project/topic?

    • Absolutely- ideally, the independent worksheet for each objective would be used to jumpstart an actual research project/topic. That way it would have a direct, immediate application to the students’ learning.

  3. Suzy Collins

    I am not familar with the ACRL objectives. Can you direct me to a website that would explain it to me.

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