The Learning Project

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 10.32.23 PMI’ve posted all three portions of my learning project under the page “Learning Project,” with a brief explanation of the flipped segment and the curated content collection, as well as an explanation of the lesson as a whole. The lesson plan has its own page, instead of a link.

Between draft 1 and the final draft, I made a major structural change, electing to have the students work in groups during class instead of working as a whole class with the instructor as a focal point. The whole-class work seemed likely to discourage quieter students from participating, while group work would give students the opportunity to learn from each other. A group work segment also allows the instructor more time to personalize “instruction,” since the instructor can move among the students answering specific questions and troubleshooting specific problems, without slowing down students who already understand WorldCat.

I kept the independent segment as the last part of this session (session 2 in a series of 3). The group work should prepare the students to work on separate topics, though they may still ask questions of each other and the instructor. The independent segment is the “real-world” application, since this is where students apply what they learned from the video and in the group work to their own work. Seeing an immediate application of using WorldCat should reinforce the idea that WorldCat is a valuable resource in research, not just an assignment for this one session of one class.

Originally, I included six indicators from two different ACRL standards. However, a classmate suggested narrowing the indicators to a more specific focus. I chose the Standards for Libraries in Higher Education because their broadness better describes how this lesson fits into the purposes of an academic library (although I think the indicators chosen could also apply to an elementary school media center).

I’m curious. Did anyone else have to teach themselves WorldCat, or has anyone else encountered a focused explanation of “here’s WorldCat, here’s how you can use it?”

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2 thoughts on “The Learning Project

  1. I taught myself WorldCat and it was expected that I would know how to use it or find a way to figure it out.

  2. I had to teach myself, and half the time feel like I am not using it correctly! This a good idea for a seminar

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