Learning Project

WorldCat Help CCCI chose to venture outside of my intended career path for LIS (school media) into the world of the undergraduate university. An assignment in another class which involved using WorldCat inspired the topic of this lesson: to teach students how to use WorldCat so that they don’t have to figure it out for themselves on the fly. Familiarizing students with WorldCat also serves the dual purpose of introducing them to a valuable research tool and giving them a baseline understanding for using databases.

Nevertheless, my Learning Project does fit into a broader version of my EQ, in this case being: How can library personnel employ technology in the library to facilitate student development of lifelong learning skills? The structure of this lesson is geared toward the students teaching themselves (through the flipped video and the independent worksheet) and each other (through the group worksheet). Rather than relying strictly on a “sage” instructor, students will learn how to learn cooperatively and independently, using both online resources (the flipped video and the curated content collection) and human resources (their instructor and each other).

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