Lesson Plan for Session 2 of the Library Orientation Series

Computer Lab

This photo by Ken Russell, on Flickr, used under the Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike, Some rights reserved.

Audience: 25 college freshmen in a composition 101 class at a small university

Learner Needs:

  • students are still maturing mentally and academically
  • all students will be fluent or semi-fluent in English
  • captions for deaf students

Setting: a series of 50 minute research sessions at the university library

The series sequence includes:

  • services offered by the library (including ILL)
  • WorldCat (this lesson)
  • other databases offered by the library (with WorldCat as the baseline)


  • to give the students a solid base of research tools usable in all four years of their college education
  • to support the composition 101 class’s emphasis on learning to research and write a white paper


  1. Given a specific topic, students can locate, on WorldCat, at least 5 potential applicable resources, with at least 1 book and at least 1 journal article.
  2. Given a specific book’s author, title, and edition, students can locate the nearest available digital or physical copy.

Learning Standard: ACRL Standards for Libraries in Higher Education–Indicator 3: Educational Role[1]

  • Indicator 3.1

“Library personnel collaborate with faculty and others regarding ways to incorporate library collections and services into effective education experiences for students.”

  • Indicator 3.2

“Library personnel collaborate with faculty to embed information literacy learning outcomes into curricula, courses, and assignments.”

  • Indicator 3.3

“Library personnel model best pedagogical practices for classroom teaching, online tutorial design, and other educational practices.”


  • prior sessions (background knowledge)
  • curated Learni.st collection containing help sources
  • written, printed instructions
  • written, printed worksheets for in-class use
  • pens provided
  • access to library computers, with Internet access
  • personal laptop use permitted (Wi-Fi is available)


(In session 1, assign flipped portion of the second session for homework.)

Flipped portion: Watch video.

  • Video available online.

In session 2:

  • Group worksheet (20 minutes, or less if needed)
    • first, find 5 resources- creating a list
    • second, find nearest available copy of each
    • instructor(s) circulating to answer questions and assess student’s abilities to complete the worksheet
  • Independent worksheet (30 minutes)
    • using their chosen research topics for class
    • instructor(s) circulating to answer questions and assess student’s abilities to complete the worksheet
      • students may also receive help from each other during this assignment

Following session 2, students will complete a survey including questions regarding the effectiveness of the WorldCat session (see Assessments).


Assessing as students complete the group and independent worksheets:

  • Are students needing help?
  • Are students asking questions?
  • Are students able to find 5 or more resources?
  • Are students able to locate the nearest available copy?

If half or more of the students are unable to complete both tasks, or if the class is clearly struggling to complete the tasks, the instructor will address these objectives again in session 3.


  • Given after session 2 is completed
    • How confident to you feel in navigating WorldCat?

(least) 1            2            3            4            5 (most)

  • Will you use WorldCat again?

Yes            No

  • If yes, how?
  • If no, why not?

(Session 1 and Session 3 will have separate surveys, completed following their respective sessions).

[1] ACRL Board of Directors, “Standards for Libraries in Higher Education,” ACRL: Association of College & Research Libraries, October 2011. http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/standardslibraries (accessed November 11, 2013).

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